Poland reinforces its naval, air combat capacities

  • Daniela Tkadlečková
  • 4.1.2018 13:56

The Polish Ministry of Defence (MoD) signed on 27 December a deal to acquire two new minesweepers and a rescue vessel, continuing its military modernisation process. The next day, the MoD announced five applicants will participate in the country's new fighter jets' tender. Furthermore, it reported having received three offers for its planned acquisition of modern submarines on 3 January, 2018.

The three vessels will be delivered by the Polish consortium of Remontowa Shipbuilding and PGZ. A French Naval Group will compete with German ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems and Swedish Kockums for the submarine deal. The Polish Air Force will select the provider of five new fighter aircraft between US-based Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Italian Leonardo, Swedish Saab or Polish Fights On Logistics. Poland's military modernisation is underway simultaneously with the same proceedings in other states of the Baltic region, where Russia's threat dominates security concerns. Among the V4 members, only Poland spends 2% GDP on defence as requested by NATO, aiming to reach 2,5% by 2030.

About author: Daniela Tkadlečková


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