Poland takes over Baltic Air Policing mission for the seventh time

  • Nikola Blokešová
  • 7.5.2017 18:11

On 2 May, Poland took control over NATO’s air policing mission in the Baltics from the Netherlands. Polish F-16 jets will be taking off from Lithuanian Šiauliai base and will be supported by Spanish F-18s from the Ämari base in Estonia.

Poland is the most active out of the four Visegrad countries in this NATO mission, assuming control for the seventh time. Out of the other Visegrad states, the Czech Republic sent its jets twice, Hungary once and Slovakia did not participate so far. Poland is also the only V4 member already reaching the NATO-required 2 % GDP defence spending target. Currently, there are apparent efforts to expand and modernise the Polish army. Poland is planning the acquisition of more Leopard 2 tanks, Patriot missile defence systems, or new advanced F-35 Lightning II jets, as well as being a part of four training missions in 2017. One of the reasons for the increased activity is the Europe-wide effort to reach more military autonomy in reaction to the issue of Transatlantic security ties raised by the Trump administration, as well as rising concerns over Russia and NATO’s attempts to strengthen its Eastern border after Moscow's illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014.

About author: Nikola Blokešová


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