Polish defence industry strengthens, developing new light tank and grenade launcher

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 11.8.2017 09:55

According to a report from 7 August, Poland is developing new defence technologies including a light tank and an automatic grenade launcher as part of its armed forces modernization and budget increase efforts.

Polish Institute of Precision Mechanics is, jointly with the Jakusz company, developing a brand new automatic 40 mm grenade launcher on a wheeled platform. Some of the first models have already passed army trials at the end of last year. Moreover, the construction company OBRUM is working on a futuristic armoured vehicle called PL-01 together with British BAE Systems. The vehicle is categorized as a light tank or a Direct Support Vehicle (DSV). The serial production of the PL-01, which is designed to provide support to infantry units and can also engage armoured enemies, was already approved and its start is planned for 2018. Poland has the fastest growing defence industry among Central European states, between 2013 and 2017 its defence expenditures increased by 4,66 % in absolute values. The country is also creating strategic partnerships with the US and newly with Ukraine. The other V4 states are also strengthening their defence industries due to NATO pledges and their obsolete armaments.

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