Poland demands terms of technology transfer on Patriot missiles be met

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 8.8.2017 15:42

According to news from 3 August, Polish Ministry of Defence warned its U.S. counterpart that it will withdraw from the Patriot surface-to-air missile deal if their specified requirements on technology transfer are not met.

The deal, which is part of the Wisla Programme, has already been delayed several times due to Poland's additional requirements to include Northrop Grumman’s latest not-yet-fielded Integrated Air and Missile Defence Battle Command System (IBCS) and equip some of the Patriot batteries with a 360-degree radar. These demands prolonged the delivery date until 2019, because of the untested IBCS it could be further delayed until 2022. Poland also wants the Patriots to be assembled and produced in local factories and, as part of the offset deal, include the transfer of 12 important classified technologies to the local arms industry. Poland has been modernising its armed forces in recent years and is currently aiming for the acquisition of new utility helicopters, developing Homar rocket artillery and wants to raise the number of UAV’s and surveillance systems. Poland also considered acquiring the fifth generation multi-purpose F-35 Lightning II fighters in the past, but their cost is highly above Poland’s capacities.

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