Poland to increase defence budget by €46 billion in next 15 years

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 28.8.2017 10:08

According to a statement by the Polish Deputy Minister of Defence from 23 August, the country will raise its defence budget by 46 billion euros in the next 15 years. The reason for this is NATO’s pressure on its members to increase defence spending as well as the threat of Russia.

Although Poland is a Central-European military power, it is still concerned about Russia’s provocative attitude towards the West and rising tensions on NATO’s eastern border. Poland currently meets the 2 % GDP defence spending threshold but plans to further increase it to at least 2,5 % GDP. The army should be especially boosted by this increase and its ranks could almost double. Moreover, aging Soviet-made defence technologies will be replaced, which will help achieve better NATO standardization and lower the dependence on former-Soviet-bloc states because of spare parts and ammunition supplies. On the contrary, savings will affect the navy, where several acquisitions of new ships were already halted. The air force should obtain new fifth generation multirole fighters in the next decade, however, the expensive F-35 Lightning II will likely not fit in the budget. Poland’s defence capabilities could also be boosted because of participation on joint defence projects.

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