Poland considers acquisiton of additional Leopard 2 tanks

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 11.4.2017 12:51

Polish Ministry of Defence is considering the purchase of additional used Leopard 2 tanks from its NATO allies, according to the news posted on 3 April citing the Deputy Defence Minister Tomasz Szatkowski.

Poland is currently operating used Leopard 2 tanks in versions A4 and A5 purchased from Germany, which is why the government turned to its western neighbour first. However, Germany cannot provide more used tanks of the demanded type for sale. Furthermore, Poland and Germany struck a deal in 2015 for the joint modernisation of Poland’s 128 vehicles in the A4 version. Another possible supplier of these tanks is Spain, but Poland is quite hesitant due to the older production date of the vehicles. Poland’s plans to purchase additional tanks are a part of the effort to increase defence spending and are connected to the rising tensions in Poland's relations with Russia. In July 2016 Poland expressed its will to cooperate on a brand-new tank development project jointly with France and Germany, although this plan is still in the phase of consideration. The country also aims to strengthen defence cooperation with France and Ukraine and wants to purchase the Patriot systems from the US.

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