Podcast ESJ Insight: Engaging Debates About the Biggest Security Issues Facing Europe Today

  • European Security Journal
  • 26.1.2021 13:48

The European Security Journal is excited to launch our new ESJ Insight podcast! Look forward to new shows coming soon!

ESJ Insight brings you an insider’s perspective on current security issues. Join us to discover more about the threats and challenges facing Europe today and tomorrow.

Our hosts Michal and Simone will be regularly joined by a variety of security experts, from journalists and academic researchers, to politicians and military authorities for a short discussion on a new topic. The podcast will go beyond traditional military affairs, and look into the emerging threats of technology, climate, and geopolitical security.

Instead of just reporting on the issues, we will delve deeper into their implications, looking into the future, and trying to find the bigger picture.

Listen on Spotify, iTunesSpeaker, Deezer, Podcast Addict and Podchaser.

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