PESCO notification signed by 23 member states

Ministers from all EU countries except for Portugal, Denmark, Ireland, Malta and the UK signed a joint notification to launch the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) on 13 November, stressing inclusive defence industry cooperation, voluntary capability building and gradual synchronisation of defence policies.

The joint declaration mentions strengthening common defence policy as a step towards a common defence, including the creation of the full spectrum of force of PESCO members. PESCO projects will be linked with EU’s Coordinated Annual Review on Defence (CARD), Capability Development Plan (CDP) as well as the European Defence Agency that will be tasked with large strategic equipment processes. The document underlines PESCO’s complementary role for NATO that remains the cornerstone of defence of its members. Member states will fulfil projects based on national implementation plans that will be assessed on their operational, strategic and capability contributions. The initiative will be voted on at the Foreign Affairs Council on 11 December.

About author: Petr Boháček


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