Italian M5S criticises NATO’s Russia policy

  • Giada Negri
  • 13.3.2018 12:11

On 12 March, in an interview with Kremlin's international news agency Sputnik, Five Star Movement (M5S) personality and vice-president of the European Parliament, Fabio Massimo Castaldo criticised NATO’s Russia-policy. In particular, he commented on the Italian decision taken at the 2016 summit in Warsaw to deploy 150 soldiers to Latvia within NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence in the region. M5S deems such deterrence measures as creating mutual mistrust and fueling an arms race which is hindering cooperation on international issues of shared interest.

The M5S’  foreign policy outlook described in the electoral programme has three main pillars: respect of national sovereignty, rejection of the war, and international multilateralism. In light of these principles, the party condemns US foreign policy, the sanctions on Russia and wants Italy to become an intermediary to relaunch relations between the EU and Moscow. But this programme is vague, and the future foreign policy will depend on the coalition as the M5S is the leading party in the parliament but does not have the majority needed to create a one-party government. On 12 March, the leadership of the Democratic Party voted against a possible deal, opening the path to a M5S-League government which could further deepen existing transatlantic tensions.

About author: Giada Negri


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