ESJ Insight: On Chinese Foreign Influence with Dr. Rogier Creemers

  • European Security Journal
  • 16.3.2021 12:57

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Chinese foreign influence poses its own unique security threats. While Russian sponsored influence campaigns focus on short term goals like influencing an election, Chinese influence appears to have much more long term strategic goals. 

Dr. Rogier Creemers is an Assistant Professor in the Law, and Governance of China, at Leiden University, and joins the show to give us his perspective on Chinese influence and strategy. 

We also get to discuss the current weaknesses in Europe’s preparedness to be a global player, why is China an intellectual challenge for many European decision-makers but also the question of the longer-term sustainability of democratic governance structures and models.

“In the post-Cold War era, in our victory drunkenness, I think we came to believe that we had completed our journey of discovery about how human societies are supposed to be run, and everything that needed to happen from then on was just managementAnd that means that our political classes have driven our societies like a rental car."

Dr. Rogier Creemers, Assistant Professor at Leiden University

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