North Korea conducts missile test as US battle group approaches

  • Jonáš Vlk
  • 16.4.2017 16:22

On Sunday 16 April at 6:20 AM local time, North Korea conducted an expected missile test. However, the missile fired from the Sinpo port exploded shortly after takeoff.

The test was conducted as a part of the celebration of state founder Kim Il Sung, which also included a military parade. Although no specific information is known so far, it is believed that it was a land-based missile of a non-intercontinental character. This provocation comes at a time of extremely tense relations between North Korea and the US, whose navy battle group recently steamed towards the North Korean shores, ready to intervene. China, in order to moderate the situation, called for a peaceful solution but, as North Korea’s major ally, is criticised by the US for inadequate involvement in directing the North Korean regime. The US have previously warned North Korea to stop any provocations and will now indisputably respond. The question is whether US president Donald Trump will seek a solution together with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, or whether he will react unilaterally, like in the case of Syria.

About author: Jonáš Vlk


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