Nordic states are strengthening their defence cooperation

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 4.5.2017 11:45

On 30 April, The Nordic Defence Materiel Agreement (NDMC) entered into force to further deepen regional defence cooperation between the Nordic states and to improve their international position in this field.

The NDMC is based on a previous deal signed in 2001 and includes all Nordic countries except Iceland, as it does not have its own armed forces. Both deals are a part of a general defence cooperation framework, NORDEFCO, established in 2009 and aiming to encompass most common security and defence activities. One of the examples of these activities are the joint armament and development projects with the goal of saving finances and maximising effectivity. Nordic states are also individually reinforcing their defence capacities, mainly because of the rising threat of Russia, which has been increasing its military activities near its North-Western border and behind the Arctic Circle recently. The NDMC can also help the states to reach the declared NATO commitments, and another similar show of an increased will to tighten the countries’ defence ties is the recently opened NATO-EU Hybrid Threat Centre in Helsinki.

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