Nordic countries to deepen cyber defence cooperation

  • Mirka Pavlíková
  • 13.10.2017 08:22

On Friday 6 October, deeper cyber defense cooperation between Nordic governments within the framework of Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO), an instrument primarily focused on armed military cooperation, has been announced. Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway want to focus on collaboration on cyber defence strategies due to the threat of Russia's growing interests in cyberspace.

The primary objective of the cooperation is the identification of best practices through information sharing, experiences of Computer Emergency Response Teams and regular cyber defence exercises. Nordic countries, as well as the Baltic states or Central Europe, worry about hybrid threats and are thus increasing their cyber defence capabilities as well as spending. Sweden, for example, is informing about Russian state-run news networks and websites, fabricated information campaigns and so-called troll armies. Sweden and Denmark have also boosted their cooperation to counter fake news campaigns and cyber attacks at the end of August. The newly-established European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats (CoE) is focusing on the fight against hybrid threats from Russia as well and will cooperate with NORDEFCO as well as NATO.


About author: Mirka Pavlíková


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