Calls for new election persist after Slovakia’s PM offers resignation

  • Petr Boháček
  • 15.3.2018 11:04

Despite Prime Minister Robert Fico offering his resignation on 14 March following the step down by his Interior Minister Robert Kalinak, thousands of people are expected to call for early elections during demonstrations across the country on 16 March.

President Andrej Kiska announced he will agree with the Prime Minister's conditions of his resignation that the president names a candidate from Fico’s Social Democratic party SMER, likely Peter Pellegrini, as the next PM. SMER’s junior coalition partner, the Slovak-Hungarian Most-Híd party, supported the move after earlier signalling interest in early elections. The crisis erupted following the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak, who investigated the connection between the Italian crime group and highest government stakeholders in the country. Voting preference for SMER dropped to record-low 20%, while the opposition right-wing SaS and OLaNo (both members of the European Conservatives and Reformists) parties polled at 24%. However, the three-party ruling coalition, which also includes the Slovak National Party, maintains a one-seat majority in the parliament with the additional support of four other independent deputies. The crisis hints to similar political problems across Eastern Europe.

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