Dutch military lacks basic capabilities

  • Liis Einstein
  • 13.3.2017 08:46

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s government neglect politics have caused a shortage in the country’s defence capabilities, said the Netherlands’ Advisory Council on International Affairs on 10 March. The council suggests the new government following the 15 March elections increases defence spending.

According to the government advisory body, the country will not be in a state of "basic readiness" until 2021 at earliest. At the moment the Netherlands spends approximately 1% of GDP on defence. The European NATO average is 1.4% while the alliance recommends 2%. The country's insufficient defence spending has been criticised previously by NATO, especially for the lacking capacities of ground forces and operational support. On December 2016 Benelux countries signed the final agreement on joint air policing of their airspace and in 2016 the Netherlands and Germany signed the naval integration agreement to advance military cooperation. 

About author: Liis Einstein


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