Stoltenberg confirms increase of NATO troops in Afghanistan

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 30.6.2017 18:11

NATO will send more troops to Afghanistan to bolster the Resolute Support mission, the Secretary General (SG) Jens Stoltenberg informed at a press conference held on 28 June in Brussels.

Fifteen member states already made a commitment to raise the numbers of their troops in the country with others expected to follow. The Alliance wants to strengthen its presence in three main fields: special forces and special operations unit deployment, Afghan air force capacity building and training of local commanding elements. Special forces are in fact the sole branch designated to conduct combat operations, even though Resolute Support is declared to be a strictly non-combat mission. The exact numbers of additional troops have not yet been revealed. However, the Afghani military leadership and Air Force should not be the only ones targeted by NATO efforts, as local security forces require further aid and training, while also stabilising the political apparatus to more effectively redistribute the given resources. The future of Resolute Support was discussed at the Defence Ministers meeting following the SG’s speech.

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