NATO to spend 3 billion euros on satellite and cyber defence

  • Liis Einstein
  • 31.3.2017 11:32

NATO confirmed on 27 March plans to spend 3 billion euro to develop satellite and computer technology in the next three years. In July 2016, NATO declared cyberspace as a domain of operations in addition to air, land and sea. The past three years have presented a five-fold increase in suspicious events in NATO’s networks.

NATO's Communications and Information Agency said the plans include a 1.7 billion euro investment in satellite communications to provide improved assistance to troops and ships deployed across the alliance. Around 800 million euro will be spent on the computer systems to help command air and missile defence. Cyber security at NATO´s main locations will receive 71 million euro. Investments are also aimed at providing more secure mobile communications for alliance soldiers in the field and to upgrade NATO’s new drone force. Alliance members still need to approve some of the investments. A detailed strategy will be presented in Ottawa, Canada at the April defence conference.

About author: Liis Einstein


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