NATO Response Force was tested in Romania

  • Roksolana Dryndak
  • 26.6.2017 13:04

From 17 May to 14 June, forces of the North Atlantic Alliance executed the Noble Jump 17 army drill in Cincu, Romania. The exercise was attended by 4000 soldiers and designed to test the readiness of the NATO Response Force (NRF). United Kingdom, United States, Romania, the Netherlands, Albania, Spain and Norway sent their troops.

The main goal of the exercise was to test rapid transport of units to their destination, which is supposed to take several hours, as well as the transportation of equipment within two to three days. The NRF was created as NATO's response to the Russian annexation of Crimea, and is currently serving as a reaction to Russian activities on the eastern border of the Alliance. In June, extensive exercises took place at the borders of Poland and Lithuania, and the new NATO multinational battlegroup began operating in Latvia. The Noble Jump exercise takes place every year, in 2016 it took place in Poland. Organizing military exercises in Central and Eastern Europe also helps uncover major logistics and transportation issues, which are the most critical to NATO's defence.

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