NATO to create guideline for helicopter modernisation

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 26.6.2017 10:43

Due to the aging helicopter fleet of its member states, NATO, according to the news from 16 June, has decided to establish an expert team to explore, analyze and document advanced rotorcraft technologies and trends in the following two years.

The team’s goal, with the assistance of the Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG), is to prepare a document which should serve as a guideline and recommendation for the member states' helicopter modernisation projects. The reason for this initiative is that European member states are falling behind the U.S. in advanced helicopter technology research, as the U.S. project is currently in the prototype phase. Moreover, most of NATO’s helicopter capabilities will reach the end of their declared lifetime between 2025 and 2030. Some member states are already in the process of acquiring new crafts, as for example the Czech Republic aims to buy 12 utility helicopters. Because of the guideline’s non-obligatory nature, incompatibility could arise between the guideline and the needs or financial possibilities of its members. This issue will be discussed at the Combat Helicopter 2017 meeting in Krakow.

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