NATO experts visit Ukraine

  • Roksolana Dryndak
  • 5.6.2017 16:53

NATO military experts visited a newly established training centre of the Ukrainian Navy in Mykolaiv and an air base in Vasilkiv on 22-25 May. The reason for the visit was an assessment of whether the facility is ready to start training commanding officers and instructors.

Ukraine has been a part of NATO's defence education program for three years now, which is one of the reasons why Ukraine aims to adopt NATO standards and implement the knowledge with the help of foreign instructors. Currently, Ukraine is attempting to develop its own command and training courses for officers and noncommissioned officers. Experts from Canada, Latvia, Lithuania and the United States work as lecturers. During the Donbass conflict, which has been lasting for the last four years, there have been personnel changes in the officer corps of the Ukrainian army, but the army still suffers from outdated and ineffective Soviet way of leadership and soldiers' training. The situation improved slightly after the Easter ceasefire in early April. Surprisingly, not even cutting off the so-called Luhansk People's Republic from the Ukrainian power supply has provoked any significant renewal of fighting.

About author: Roksolana Dryndak


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