NATO ensures its commitment to Finland in case of military aggression

  • Martin Macq
  • 1.12.2017 19:43

On Wednesday 29 November, a senior NATO official reasserted the Alliance’s duty to defend Finland in case of armed aggression. Since Finland has a strong bond with NATO, it is likely to face security threats regarding Russian regional military expansion even though it is not a part of the Alliance.

Finland's neutrality is certainly the main reason why the country is not a part of NATO. Yet, even if some Finnish officials would like to join the organisation in the medium term, the population remains opposed to it. Military assistance in case of Russian aggression would therefore not be conducted under Article 5. Finland also seeks to develop defence and prevention related alternatives. To strengthen mutual trust, Finland and Russia have launched a direct command-level line of communication on 30 November allowing for information sharing in case of a critical situation. Furthermore, the Finns have gone further in defence cooperation with Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland this month. Even though Finland considers NATO a reliable and powerful asset that would prevent Russian military aggression, it still diversifies its defence-related initiatives, making it a strong partner state for the Alliance.

About author: Martin Macq


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