NATO officially launches new Black Sea task force

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg officially launched a new NATO Task Force stationed in the Black Sea area on Monday 9 October. The purpose of creating this joint force deployed in Craiova, Romania, is to respond to the local spread of Russia's influence and its numerous military exercises in the Black Sea area.

The force comprises of about 4,000 men, most of whom will be Romanian soldiers. A separate contingent of 900 US soldiers will be closely cooperating with these Romanian units. The mission will also be attended by, for example, Italian, Bulgarian or Portuguese soldiers. The Black Sea region has its strategic importance, especially due to its oil reserves. Moreover, it is also a buffer zone between Russia and NATO countries. The creation of an international force is meant to send Russia a clear message that the Alliance is ready to defend this region, as well as express support for Romania. Romania maintains intensive military cooperation not only within NATO but also bilaterally with the US from whom it intends to acquire Patriot missile defence systems or F-16 fighter jets. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis also expressed support for the establishment of this new NATO force and called for an increase in the Romanian contribution to the Alliance's efforts.


About author: Redakce ESJ


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