Morocco withdraws troops from Guerguerat in Western Sahara

  • Carolin Laubre
  • 2.3.2017 13:13

King Mohammed VI of Morocco ordered a unilateral withdrawal of armed forces from the Guerguerat buffer zone near the Mauritania border in Western Sahara on 26 February, after United Nations Secretary General António Guterres called on all parties to withdraw all armed elements from the area on 24 February.

The withdrawal comes after months of standoff with the Polisario Front troops who accused Morocco of breaking the ceasefire in 2016 by crossing the Moroccan Wall to build a road. King Mohammed called the United Nations Secretary General on 24 February asking the UN to take “urgent measures” against the Polisario Front due to their acts of provocation. Polisario’s representative in France stated few hours after Morocco’s withdrawal that their troops intend to stay in Guerguerat. In December 2016, the European Court of Justice went against the European Council by ruling that Morocco is not allowed to include Western Saharan resources in trade agreements with the EU, a small victory for Polisario in the territorial dispute.

About author: Carolin Laubre


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