Moldova-Russia tensions rise amid claims of abuse

  • Ashleigh Templeton
  • 11.3.2017 20:48

Moldova has asked its officials on 9 March to abstain from visiting Russia, claiming abuse against by Russian security services of the country's representatives. Moldova’s President Igor Dodon, who seeks closer ties to Russia, denounced the move saying it would hurt efforts to build relations with the Federation.

A parliamentary statement on 9 March said that 25 Moldovan lawmakers, intelligence officials and pro-European politicians have been abusively stopped, interrogated and treated in a humiliating manner by Russian security and intelligence services at Moscow airport. The statement also accused Russia of spreading false information to place Moldovan officials on international watch lists. The alleged abuses coincide with the ongoing investigation into a $22 billion money-laundering case involving Russian money sent to Moldova’s Moldinconbank. Russia has allegedly not cooperated with the investigation. Tensions between the two countries intensified in 2014 following Moldova's support of Ukraine and closer ties to the EU.

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