Moldova to form joint military emergency task force with Romania

  • Mihai Turcanu
  • 10.2.2018 20:05

On 5 February during a bilateral meeting in Chișinău, Romania's Defence Minister Mihai Fifor and his Moldovan counterpart Eugen Sturza have reached an agreement to form a joint battalion to be deployed under extraordinary circumstances. The stated purpose of this initiative is to familiarise Moldova's servicemen with NATO's standards.

Fifor also stated the next step would be to establish a joint expert group to agree upon a future permanent base for this mixed battalion. The move has been condemned by Moldova's pro-Russian president, Igor Dodon, who holds a largely ceremonial role in the current parliamentary system and has no real means to oppose this initiative. This was underscored by him being temporary suspension three times by the Constitutional Court for refusing to enforce the decisions of the government. More than 800 Moldovan officers from have benefited from military training in Romania and despite Dodon's 2017 interdiction forbidding Moldovan troops to participate in international exercises and missions, Sturza made it clear that Moldovan-Romanian military drills will resume. The move is likely to anger Russia who maintains an illegal military presence in the breakaway region of Transnistria where its own armed forces, together with the local militia, held record 200 drills in 2017.

About author: Mihai Turcanu


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