Moldova bans Russian propaganda broadcasting

Moldova's so-called "media propaganda" law banning the rebroadcasting of Russian political content on local radio and television came into effect on 10 February. Through this act, which consists in fact of a series of modifications to the Audiovisual Code, the pro-European majority in the parliament hopes to mitigate the negative impact of the Russian disinformation and propaganda tactics

Although the law does not specifically mention Russia, it effectively bans the rebroadcasting of news, as well as analytical programmes on military and political affairs originating from any country other than US, Canada, those of EU, or the signatories of the European Convention on Cross-border Television. Russia itself is not among this later category. The efficiency of the Russian media leverage in Moldova cannot be overstated: Moscow, unlike the West, provides no financial aid to Chișinău, but through its propaganda machine is able to successfully overshadow and nullify the positive impact of EU's, or Romania's assistance programmes to Moldova. If rigorously enforced, the law with its declared goal of protecting the state from „external disinformation and manipulation, as well as from media provocations directed against the Republic of Moldova" could be able to reverse this negative trend. 

About author: Mihai Turcanu


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