Mogherini says EU won't suspend Russian sanctions

  • Nikola Blokešová
  • 25.4.2017 11:27

EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini visited Moscow for the first time in her current position on 24 April, and, together with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, discussed possible opportunities for cooperation between the EU and Russia, for instance in the Middle East.

According to Mogherini, the EU welcomes Russia's role as a negotiator in Syria and Libya, and would also appreciate closer cooperation on the Israeli-Palestine conflict or in the Arctic. However, the EU will absolutely not suspend any sanctions against Russia over annexing Ukraine’s Crimea in 2014 or ignore Russia's human rights violations. Neither Mogherini nor Lavrov clarified whether the issues of Russia's hybrid threats or disinformation propaganda were discussed. The meeting could indicate both sides have the necessary will to cooperate, yet, both the EU and NATO are still strengthening their positions in Eastern Europe, which Russia perceives as a threat to its sphere of influence. The probability of a strong effective strategic relationship developing between Western European countries and Russia therefore remains small.

About author: Nikola Blokešová


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