The Unwanted Cubs of the Islamic State

On March 11th, Europeans came together to mourn the victims of terrorist atrocities committed…

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Europe’s Reckoning on the Migration Crisis

Since the EU-Turkey migration deal was put in place in 2016, Turkey has used the refugee crisis as…

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European naval anti-smuggling operation Sophia will continue, but won’t be naval anymore

The Political and Security Committee, composed of the ambassadors of the member states dealing with…

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Migration as a Tool of Russian Information Warfare

The anti-migratory discourse in Central and Eastern Europe is helping the Russian agenda by…

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The Biggest Expulsion of Our Time: A Photo Report Documenting the Plight of the Rohingya

In the August of 2017, the outburst of violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state caused the fastest…

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Italy's response to migration in Libya full of problems

The number of migrants and refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea in 2017 dropped by 34 % compared…

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