Merkel hopes to replace illegal migration with legal migration

  • Mihai Turcanu
  • 24.4.2018 13:20

On 23 April, German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended her government's last week decision to accept 10,000 ''vulnerable people'' from Africa and the Middle East under a UN program, stating that this was the right way to prevent illegal migration and replace it with a legal process.

The decision will be welcomed by the German Social-Democrats (SPD), Greens, and far-left Die Linke, but it will likely come at the cost of further sowing discord within the CDU/CSU alliance which reluctantly agreed in January with the SPD to resume the suspended family reunification process, while in October 2017 the Bavarian conservatives (CSU) pressured the CDU into capping the number of annually accepted refugees at 200,000. The roots of these concerns lie in the fact that, riding the anti-immigration wave, the far-right Alternative for Germany Party (AfD) managed to attract numerous CDU/CSU voters becoming the third largest party in Germany, while the conservatives and Social Democrats scored their weakest results in Germany's post-war history. For this reason, German conservatives, such as the Interior Minister - Horst Seehofer, seek to win back voters from AfD by assuming a stronger identitarian stance, but such attempts will likely be frustrated by the Social Democrats, meaning that the outflow of conservative voters to AfD could continue. 

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