Middle East and North Africa

Combating Salafist Influence in the Western Balkans

The Gulf States have been contributing to the spread of Salafist Islam in the Western Balkans,…

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Iran vs the US: End of one crisis, start of another one?

Late weeks have brought new fear and uncertainty to minds of all people in the Middle East, but…

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The paralysis on Syria

Eighty-three per cent of the population, twelve million people. Those are the 2019 estimates of…

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Turkish Regional Elections Could Change National Politics

Generally, the outcomes of regional elections are only relevant for those directly touched by them,…

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Europe and the US clash over the Middle East in Warsaw

Last week’s Warsaw Middle East conference highlighted the competing visions on the Middle East…

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Why is the Czech Republic supporting Israel

Observers in Western Europe are sometimes baffled by what they view as Eastern European favouritism…

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EU and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Can Europe Replace the US?

Though many of us would like to see the EU play a bigger role in the resolution of the Israeli…

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Africa needs billions for development, hotspots should be in Chad and Niger, says migration expert

Migration into Italy has declined this year in the light of a deal between Italy and armed groups…

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