Global ransomware campaign hits thousands of computers

On 12 May, a ransomware campaign hit dozens of thousands of computers across in nearly a hundred of countries. The victims were tricked into opening malware attachments of emails, masked as invoices, job offers, security warnings, and other common documents. The virus then encrypted users' data, demanding payments of $300 - $600 to restore access. The attacks, which are believed to be realised with a cyber tool stolen from United States National Security Agency (NSA), initially struck European organisation - hitting particularly hard Russia, Ukraine, and Taiwan. The most devastating consequences faced public health sector in United kingdom as hospitals and clinics were not able to accept new patients due to non-operational computers and telephones. So far unidentified perpetrators likely crafted the self-spreading malware by using a part of an NSA code known as "Eternal Blue", which was recently released.

About author: Roman Šulc


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