Mass protests erupted in Russian cities

  • Roksolana Dryndak
  • 29.3.2017 21:55

On Saturday, 26 March, Russia experienced the largest mass protests since 2012 when tens thousands of people demonstrated against the regime in more than 80 cities. Only in Moscow, an estimated 20 thousand people came out onto the streets. Aside from large numbers of regular security forces, helicopters, secret police and national guard were also deployed against protesters. Around 800 people were arrested, including opposition politician Alexei Navalny, who got 15 days in jail for resisting arrest. The building of Nevalny's Foundation for Fighting Corruption was searched on Tuesday 28 March and 11 foundation workers were arrested.

Anti-government sentiments have been escalating since Nevalny released a film containing evidence of Prime Minister Medvedev's corruption and vast properties Medvedev controls through a net of seemingly charitable foundations. Fight against corruption became the main slogan of the protests that were attended by a great number of young people, especially students. The protests spilled over to Siberian cities as well, that displayed only minimal political interest in the past. The EU representatives already asked Moscow to release arrested protesters. There were similar protests in Belarus this week.

About author: Roksolana Dryndak


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