Mass departure of Polish commanders to weaken military

  • Liis Einstein
  • 26.2.2017 14:20

At least 26 generals and 250 colonels of the Polish armed forces resigned or were replaced by the government of the Law and Justice party. The change has the potential to weaken the country’s military command and takes place as Warsaw is asking for more United States troops to be deployed in Poland.

The Defence Ministry announced that 90% of Polish army's top brass was replaced. The changes in military personnel were initiated by the government and include retired as well as reserved officials. Part of armed forces have also resigned due to political disagreements. This includes Chief of Staff General Miroslaw Gocul and Army Commander General Miroslaw Rozanski. Opposition parties have criticized the exit of the strategic officials at the time of rising security threats. The Polish government is also asking for additional US troops to Poland due to increasing security threats from Russia and the war in Ukraine.

About author: Liis Einstein


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