Macron proposes common European defence budget

  • Michaela Ceklová
  • 26.9.2017 23:59

On 26 September, French President Emmanuel Macron proposed the creation of a common European defence budget in his speech on the EU reform. In addition, he signalled the first step towards the creation of a common European army when he called on other member states to allow their soldiers to operate in other national armies. 

Macron talked of EU's marginal role in European security and once again pushed for the creation of an EU-wide defence strategy by the beginning of the next decade and a joint intervention force. The call arises mainly in relation to security threats the EU has been facing in recent years such as migration and terrorism. In the field of terrorism, Macron proposed the creation of a European intelligence service that would streamline the sharing of information and the creation of joint civil protection forces active in the event of terrorist attacks. On the contrary, on the issue of migration, he confirmed the vision previously outlined at the Paris summit with North African nations, namely the creation of a joint European asylum agency to standardise EU identification documents to better manage migration flows. In his speech, Macron also touched on economic issues relating to the eurozone. Although ambitious, his vision is in the light of contemporary security concerns and political momentum over EU defence integration certainly feasible.

About author: Michaela Ceklová


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