Macron fails to negotiate expected arms contracts with Romania

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 30.8.2017 12:47

French president Emmanuel Macron failed to make a deal on arms sales during his visit in Romania on 24 August. His inability to push for the contracts was criticized by representatives of French defence companies accompanying the visit.

During the visit, both sides signed the memorandum on cooperation between French MBDA company, Airbus and Romanian government, however, no specific contracts were negotiated. France did not even get any assurance that Romania will buy their military technologies in the future. Romania is currently undergoing major modernisation of its armed forces as they are comprised mostly of the aging Soviet-made weapons and vehicles. US companies, who see the opportunity to get lucrative contracts in billions of euros, are the strongest competitor to France. France focused mainly on short and very short range surface-to-air missile systems contract, French companies are one of the favourites in this field. Moreover, President Macron met Bulgarian president Rumen Radev and prime minister Boyko Borisov on 25 August. They discussed the acceptance of Bulgaria into Schengen area, joining of the Eurozone or the possible delivery of patrol ships and fighter aircraft - if Bulgaria restarts its fighter jet tender, France could offer their battle-proven Rafale fighters.

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