UN envoy presents road map for peace in Libya

  • Tomáš Krajňák
  • 12.5.2017 09:48

Martin Kobler, the head of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), released on May 8 a six-point "roadmap for peaceful Libya".

Kobler stressed that the UN-brokered Libyan Political Agreement, signed at the end of 2015 after more than a year-long dialogue between different Libyan factions, must remain as the framework for any upcoming negotiations, and any amendment must come from a Libyan party. Kobler also calls for the creation of a unified security apparatus. Other points are of the roadmap include the stabilisation of the economic situation, reconciliation at all levels and among all parties, decentralisation of power, and help from Libya's neighbours to bring stakeholders back to the negotiating table. Despite a major positive development in the country this week, the stability in Libya still seems to still be far ahead due to the complicated security situation that fuels unregulated migration and creates a base for terrorism. This concerns the EU, mainly its southern member states, who continue to work on the situation in Libya. 

About author: Tomáš Krajňák


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