Libya Quartet reiterates need for UN to facilitate negotiations in Libya

The Libya Quartet (the European Union, United Nations, African Union and League of Arab States) met on 23 May in Brussels to discuss progress in the peace efforts and to coordinate their work, making it the second meeting after 18 March in Cairo.

The outcome of the meeting confirmed statements made previously at the beginning of the month during various meetings to negotiate peace in Libya. According to the Joint Communiqué, the unions reiterated their commitment to supporting the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA), as well as encouraged all Libyan parties to engage in inclusive talks underlined by the rejection of any kind of use of armed forces by anyone. The unions have reiterated their support to the role of United Nations in taking the lead in facilitating a limited amendment of the LPA, as there is a strong wish from the EU and UN for the LPA to remain the framework for a negotiated settlement. The EU involvement in Libya is mainly due to the threat of migration, so the EU is committed to the peace efforts, which could lead to a stabilisation of the security situation and thus a reduction in migration.

About author: Carolin Laubre


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