Libya oil production grows amid political breakthrough

On 15 May, Libya reported its daily crude oil production had reached over 814,000 barrels per day (bpd), marking a 100,000 bpd increase compared to April 2017. The increase comes after a breakthrough between the United Nations-supported Government of National Accord (GNA) and Tobruk government-backed General Khalifa Haftar on 9 May.

Oil is vital to restoring security in the country as a primary source of revenue. The EU, especially Italy, have sponsored the GNA, with the aim to restore peace, stop immigration and fight extremism. The GNA recently said Khalifa Haftar would be considered as the legitimate head of Libyan National Army should he rerecognising the GNA as the only political authority in Libya. Even France said it was reviewing its position on the Libyan conflict and for the first time openly called for the creation of a united national army that included eastern militia commander Haftar, in order to restore peace stability in the country and battle Islamist radicals. Khalifa Haftar is also the  Russia's key ally in North Africa.


About author: Matteo Latorraca


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