Lebanon asks U.N. help to establish ceasefire with Israel

  • Liis Einstein
  • 29.4.2017 15:26

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri called the United Nations on 21 April for help in negotiating a permanent ceasefire between Lebanon and Israel. After the war between Israel and Shia militant group Hezbollah in 2006, both sides have never signed a formal peace agreement over occupied Lebanese area.

U.N. resolution 1701 ended the war and required Israel to withdraw from Lebanese territory. The U.N. still maintains a peacekeeping force on the border. On 25 April U.N. representative Sigrid Kaag held a meeting with Saad Hariri declaring full support for a permanent ceasefire. The new Lebanese government, formed at the end on 2016, has been struggling to keep the border region stable. Lebanese and Israeli authorities are also patrolling in the area and monitoring the border, which is banned for the Iran-backed Hezbollah. Lebanon hosts more than 1.1 million refugees from Syria while the total Lebanese population is around four million. Earlier this month Lebanon also called for international aid fearing that conflict could arise due to tensions between the refugees and local communities. The Syrian civil war played a role in weakening the Lebanese economy and has raised tensions among some communities.

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