US anti-missile system arrives to South Korean deployment site

  • Jonáš Vlk
  • 28.4.2017 14:07

On Wednesday 26 April the United States started moving the first parts of the THAAD anti-missile system, which China and Russia have been criticising, to its deployment site in South Korea.

The move comes amid tensions on the Korean Peninsula, currently elevated by the presence of the US aircraft carrier and a nuclear submarine, and the joint military manoeuvres between the US, Japan and South Korea. The deployment of THAAD, which has been speeded up due to the growing threat of North Korea, remains domestically controversial because of the upcoming South Korean presidential election in May, in which not all candidates approve the measure. China's approach seems to be problematic, since Beijing, as a North Korea's main ally, is a key player in the mediation of the conflict. Disagreements between the China and the US over the deployment of the THAAD system and over several South China Sea disputes contribute to the regional tensions.

About author: Jonáš Vlk


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