Juncker`s Western Balkans tour reaffirms EU's interest in the region

  • Mihajlo Kopanja
  • 7.3.2018 13:30

European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, visited Western Balkan states on 25-28 February, where he held bilateral meetings with heads of state, discussing their European perspective.

Juncker declared on this occasion that the year 2025, mentioned in the EU Enlargement Strategy, represents an encouragement for all and a promise to none, as the EU does not wish to import problems. While praising Montenegro`s accession path and reforms in Macedonia, he stressed the need for judicial reforms in Albania and resolving border demarcation issues between Montenegro and Kosovo. In Serbia his key-point was the normalization of relations with Pristina, but he expressed no clear position of the EU's view on what normalization actually constitutes. Bosnia and Herzegovina provided Juncker the answered EU accession questionnaire, on which occasion the internal division of the country was highlighted, since the two entities forming Bosnia were not able to agree on all answers. In spite of fears that the Balkans might be falling under RussianTurkish or Chinese influence, there are still no alternatives to the European perspective in the region. The EU is taking a proactive approach, demanding a mode of conflict resolution between these nations, so that their potential accession would not cause more problems than it solves.

About author: Mihajlo Kopanja


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