Juncker pushes for Defence Union and joint intelligence service

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker stressed the need to establish an EU Defence Union in his annual State of the Union speech delivered on Wednesday 13 September and called for the creation of a common European intelligence service for better information sharing to tackle cross-border threats.

Juncker set a deadline for the creation of the EU Defence Union for 2025. It is not yet clear what specific form it should have. The Joint Intelligence Agency, which was dismissed on September 7 by EU Security Commissioner Julian King as an unnecessary delay in the fight against terrorism, was now presented as a crucial step by Juncker. The President of the Commission also wants to strengthen the powers of the European Public Prosecutor's Office, which could now prosecute terrorist suspects across Member States with minimal legislative and bureaucratic obstacles. Within three months, a specific form of the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) criteria and framework should also be finalised. However, no significant progress has been made since February. Also, the creation of the European Cyber Security Agency to allow states to fight cyber-threats more effectively through sharing of know-how and know-how was mentioned in the speech.

About author: Redakce ESJ


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