Juncker pledges to speed up refugee returns

  • Michaela Ceklová
  • 14.9.2017 18:01

In the traditional speech on the state of the Union, Jean-Claude Juncker stated on 13 September that the European Commission (EC) will come up with proposals to speed up the returns of migrants by the end of the month.

This would be particularly welcomed by Italy, the country most affected by the migration crisis, who received praise from Juncker for how migratory pressures on its territory are managed. To a certain extent, this is also due to the agreement reached with Libya on the limitation of activities of non-governmental organizations. Juncker also called on EU countries to become more involved in crisis management, indirectly referring to the Visegrad Four's (V4) opposition to quotas. Due to the noncompliance with migration quotas, EC even started legal proceedings with the V4 states. According to recent reports, the number of migrants coming to Italy over the Mediterranean is declining, but the Romanian border guard has detained at least four hundred people in recent days, indicating increasing use of the Black Sea for people-smuggling. This trend, according to some experts, could once again open the original Balkan route, which has only been limited through an agreement with Turkey.

About author: Michaela Ceklová


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