Italy considers issuing Schengen visas to migrants

  • Tomáš Krajňák
  • 24.7.2017 08:56

Italian government officials said on 18 July that they are considering issuing temporary visas for migrants to allow them to travel across the EU.

Similar statements from the Italian government also came two years ago during the highest peaks of the European migration crisis, thus, the claims most likely represent a threat to EU member states to pressure them to do more to help ease Italy's escalating situation. After closing the Balkan route, Italy has become the main point of entry to Europe and the number of migrants entering the country is rising rapidly. Consequently, Austria, one of the leading countries against mandatory redistribution of migrants via the quota system, threatened to send its military to the Italian border. Austria's representatives later assured their Italian counterparts there is no need to employ temporary border controls but with Italy's latest comments the dispute between the countries escalated again. According to the ANSA and APA agencies, diplomatic disagreements have also erupted between V4 and Italy after leaders of the V4 countries called to create reception facilities outside the EU and to check asylum seekers ahead of their entrance to the EU territory. Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni reacted angrily that his country will not be lectured.

About author: Tomáš Krajňák


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