Italy’s Five Star Movement presents its security foreign policy agenda

  • Giorgio Sirtori
  • 23.4.2017 11:08

On 18 April, Italy’s Five Star Movement (M5S) revealed its 10 foreign policy priorities, as emerged from an online poll called by the party. In the new policy, the M5S opposes any military intervention without a United Nations backing, supports nuclear disarmament, the recognition of the Palestinian state, the suspension of Russian sanctions and calls for a reform of NATO to follow the "new multilateral reality”.

The party also wants to pursue a “sovereignty” policy, which mingles protectionist and independent concepts similar to the ones supported by United States President Donald Trump in his campaign. The M5S, founded by ex-comedian Beppe Grillo less than eight years ago, leads recent opinion surveys, favoured by the chaotic situation that has plagued Italy's Democratic Party since the December 2016 referendum. However, the party's stand-alone policy is likely to leave it in the parliamentary opposition even in a case of securing a relative majority in the February 2018 elections.

About author: Giorgio Sirtori


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