Italy's defence budget drops

  • Mirka Pavlíková
  • 17.8.2017 16:16

In an Italian government document published on Monday 14 August, it was announced that the Italian defence budget is dropping from last year’s €4.72 billion to €4.69 billion in 2017. The budget implies further cuts in next two years as well.

The new budget contrasts with the opinion of American President Donald Trump, who stressed that some NATO countries do not achieve the 2 percent GDP defence spending target. The United States spends more on defence than all the other NATO members combined. The trend of budget tightening only appeared after the 2008 financial crisis. Differences and member countries' reluctance to follow the spending target could worsen relations between the US and European NATO members, as well as the Alliance's ability to perform as a credible actor in the international system. The US is currently strengthening its presence in Europe due to fears of Russian aggression on the Alliance's eastern border, where Russia will conduct the Zapad 2017 military exercise in September.

About author: Mirka Pavlíková


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