Islamic state in Afghanistan is on the rise

The Afghan branch of the Islamic state (IS) has been gaining influence and seizing new territories in the country, according to the statement of the Afghan officials from 2nd March. These IS activities are predominantly conducted from the main base situated at the Afghani-Pakistani border.

US intelligence agencies informed that the IS fighters are operating mainly in the Nangarhar and Kunar provinces. American sources speak about approximate number of 700 IS militants currently operating in Afghanistan, but local security officials stated that this number could be at least doubled, together with the supporters and sympathizers it can reach an estimated 8 000 IS-affiliated individuals. The IS is also probably behind the brutal attack on the Sufi shrine in Pakistan, where almost 90 people were killed. However, the Taliban is still the dominant rebelling Islamic faction in the country, as it holds around 10 % of the country’s territory, despite the international assistance and training mission Resolute Support which is currently underway with the active participation of the Czech Republic. Besides, western special forces are operating in some of the Afghanistan’s provinces in a “search and destroy” missions targeting the hideouts and strongpoints of the Islamic militants.

About author: Redakce ESJ


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