Iraqi Army Takes Control of Roads Out of Mosul

  • Ashleigh Templeton
  • 3.3.2017 12:22

Coalition-backed Iraqi forces re-took the last main road out of western Mosul from the Islamic State (IS) on 1 March, trapping IS fighters in a shrinking area of the city. The road connects to the so-called ‘Syria Gate’, the key IS supply line between Syria and Mosul. Forces also took control of the city’s southernmost bridge across the Tigris River on 27 February, opening a supply line between the government controlled east bank to the army in the west.

The Iraqi military estimated that several thousand militants, including Western IS fighters, were among the approximately 750 000 people living in west Mosul at the beginning of the offensive. Those remaining endure food, water and energy shortages. The UN estimates that around 4000 civilians flee the city every day and the Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement stated that over 31 000 people have been displaced since the advance on west Mosul started on 19 February. The campaign to retake Mosul is the largest military operation since the US departed Iraq in 2011. The city is the only remaining Islamic State urban stronghold in Iraq and has been under IS rule since 2014.

About author: Ashleigh Templeton


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