Orban criticises West, migration as election campaign begins

  • Daniela Tkadlečková
  • 20.2.2018 16:44

On February 18, during his traditional state of the nation speech, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban described his country as the last bastion against "Islamisation" of Europe, and criticized Western European countries for failing to protect what he referred to as "Christian culture". He also used this occasion to once again reject the emergency refugee relocation quotas, and called for tougher border control.

It seems that, ahead of the April elections, Orban sees no incentive to change his anti-immigration and Brussels-critical rhetoric which won him great popularity in the past. His approach on EU's security is quite unique however, as not only is it not mainstream, but also does not fit in any major European current. For example while he sees Muslim migrants as the biggest threat, fearing they would replace present Christian majority, other European leaders, including his Polish allies, perceive Russia as the greatest threat to Europe. This year's Munich Security Conference showed, however, that the greatest danger to EU could come from within, from its lack of cohesion that could affect its ability to address critical issues, such as migration, the tensions within NATO, as well as the consequences of the Brexit phenomenon.

About author: Daniela Tkadlečková


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