Hungary, Poland strengthen their anti-Brussels alliance

  • Petr Boháček
  • 4.1.2018 18:33

On his first bilateral visit on 3 January, Poland’s new Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki joined Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to signal growing alliance between Warsaw and Budapest and mutual support for their anti-Brussels stance.

PM Morawiecki rushed to Budapest after Hungary voiced its opposition to the December launch of the Article 7.1 procedure by the European Commission (EC) over Poland’s criticised judicial reform. Other Visegrad countries (V4), the Czech Republic and Slovakia, remained cautious. Czech PM Andrej Babis called on Polish PM to continue a constructive dialogue with the EC while Slovakia’s Foreign Ministry expects clarifications of questions pertaining to supposed rule of law infringements. During the visit, Hungary and Poland toughened their criticism of the EC, reiterated their vision of a Union of sovereign states, rejected the third package of the discussed EU asylum reform (Dublin IV) on emergency refugee relocation, proposed plans for bilateral energy and transport connections, the creation of a V4 development bank and signalled cooperation during the highly anticipated debate on the seven-year EU budget.

About author: Petr Boháček


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